Issue Number 31
July 2017

McLean Delmo Bentleys in the community

McLean Delmo Bentleys has taken some new initiatives to connect with the passions of our people and our community.

Soldier On

In the lead up to ANZAC Day in April, we hosted a breakfast in support of Soldier On. The event was hosted by James Hyett, Partner. James is a Partner in our Business Services team, but outside the office he is a Major in the Australian Army Reserve.

We were joined by Captain Steven Towner of the Australian Army to talk about his deployment experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq and the challenges faced by our serving men and women when they return from deployment to integrate back into the community.

Our second guest speaker was Solomon Hanks, Business Development Manager, Victoria, Soldier On, who spoke about the work Soldier on does with returned service men and women and their families by offering programs that address the physical and mental health issues faced by those affected by their service.

Pictured from left to right: James Hyett, Partner, McLean Delmo Bentleys and Major, Australian Army Reserve; Solomon Hanks, Business Development Manager, Victoria, Soldier On; Captain Steven Towner, Australian Army.

Lend us some Muscle campaign with FARA

In May, we supported the Friedreich Ataxia gala dinner and organised a run around Melbourne’s ‘tan’ to ‘lend some muscle’ and raise awareness for the Friedreich Ataxia Association Australia and New Zealand (FARA). FARA is a not-for-profit organisation that supports research into the debilitating disorder, Friedreich Ataxia which affects 1 in 600 people in Australia and New Zealand.

By supporting the dinner at a corporate level and organising the team run around the tan, we were proud to support the organisation both financially and ‘in-kind', by helping to raise awareness through our team activity.

Here’s our team who participated in the event.

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