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Financial planning & wealth creation

Wealth creation is one of the core philosophies of McLean Delmo Bentleys. It involves maximising the productive power of existing assets as well creating new wealth. The opportunity to seek advice from our specialist Finance professionals will further assist to maximise your wealth. Wealth creation must be balanced to ensure that your asset base is protected.

Wealth creation is enhanced by advice provided through management accounting, taxation, financial planning and our finance services.

McLean Delmo Bentleys Financial Services has its own Financial Services Licence and this is integral in providing our clients with unbiased, high quality advice both in relation to strategies pursued and the manner in which funds are invested. We work on a fee-for-service model that places the emphasis on clients paying for advice irrespective of the investments they may make.

Sound financial advice begins with having the most suitable structure in place before any investment decision is made. These structures can include personal and joint holdings, self managed superannuation funds, trusts, companies and combinations of the above.  McLean Delmo Bentleys Financial Services will work with you or your accountant to ensure you understand both the advantages and disadvantages of a particular strategy recommended.

McLean Delmo Bentleys Financial Services