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Estate Planning

Estate planning services begin with sound structuring of your estate assets. It’s all about ensuring the right amount of money is passed onto the right people, at the right time and that your assets are protected and tax is minimised. We will work with your financial advisor and lawyer to ensure that all aspects of your estate planning process are considered.

We recognise that estate planning is a complex area and that for some clients it can be an uncomfortable process to essentially plan for their death. However the benefits of taking control and putting correct structures in place now, give comfort to our clients that the estate planning process is worth the investment.

When a family member dies without an estate plan in place, it can put enormous pressure on surviving relatives to sort out their affairs. We have all heard terrible stories of family members and associated parties making claims against an estate which can lead to months – or even years – of ongoing stress and expense or all involved.

Putting everything in order now and directing your assets into the hands of beneficiaries you have nominated is a far more efficient outcome.

To discuss your estate planning needs, please contact your McLean Delmo Bentleys Advisor, or contact David Taylor via email or call +61 3 9018 4666.