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What makes us different?

Business owners

The majority of our clients are owners of businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have been in business for over 40 years and aim to bring our wealth of experience to all of our clients.

Our proactive advice will aid your business performance and enable you to focus on the important tasks of driving your business. Our highly developed management reporting systems and timely feedback will highlight areas of your business that require attention.

At McLean Delmo Bentleys we are convinced that quality Business and Financial advice is just as much about people as it is about facts and figures. That is why we offer all the facilities associated with a large Business Services/Wealth Creation practice, yet still provide you with personalised hands on service. Our qualified professionals work with you to ensure your business' future expansion and profitability falls naturally into place.

We have the resources, the manpower and the expertise to help you and your business grow. 


McLean Delmo Bentleys is very proud to work with our Not-For-Profit (NFP) clients. There is no doubt that this sector faces unique challenges in the Australian marketplace. However, there are also great benefits that NFPs can deliver to the Australian community that the for-profit private sector simply cannot achieve.

Our experience working with many of Australia’s notable NFP organisations – particularly in completing their audits - has been valuable. We are confident in delivering a premium level of service to clients within this sector and to share our specialised knowledge with them. 


Schools – particularly Secondary School Audits – are another area where our clients appreciate our vast experience. We recognise that schools are comforted by knowing that their auditors have the credentials and recent experience working within this sector. We believe this insight helps us to keep our service standards high, while keeping audit costs contained.

McLean Delmo Bentleys supports the schools community by providing regular updates and newsletters on relevant topics. We are also proud to be a sponsor of the Catholic Education Business Administrators’ (CEBA) Conference.

For more information on our Schools experience across audit and all other areas of service, please contact us today. 

Property & Construction

At McLean Delmo Bentleys we provide accounting and related services to a number of clients who are involved in construction or property development. Typically we are involved in end to end financial support from the planning stage through to completion of the project. This experience has highlighted the various stress points along the project journey and provided us with exceptional knowledge to provide ongoing advice that is relevant and flexible to suit each project stage.

For the most part, we have long term business relationships with our clients in this space. We work with the key stakeholders to build trust and gain a deep level of knowledge not just about the project at hand, but about the organisational objectives of the business owners.

Our property and construction clients are generally keen to have us supply advice from across the various areas of our practice. There are many benefits and synergies in having all of the financial advice provided from within one adviser organisation, ultimately leading to significant savings in time and money for our clients.

For example, a development project might initially require advice from our business services team to set up the correct financial structures and undertake corporate secretarial work. Our tax specialists will be an integral resource at all points along the way to ensure that the project is as tax effective as possible. Our finance and lending team can assist with raising finance and are often able to get better deals from banks or other financial institutions than our clients could get on their own. There may be insurance issues to handle or random ATO audits to contend with. All of this can be dealt with in-house at McLean Delmo Bentleys.

We believe that this vast exposure to property development projects provides us with the expertise to service any company within this sector. 

Medical Specialists

We provide accounting, wealth and finance services to many professionals in the medical industry. These clients range from specialist medical practitioners, to general practitioners and other ancillary service providers. Some of these clients operate as individuals while many are part of group structures.

McLean Delmo Bentleys is committed to catering to the needs of this sector through the development of specifically tailored products and services. 

Law Firms and Solicitors

McLean Delmo Bentleys has more than 20 clients in the legal community. We have built strong referral relationships with a number of firms, where we have enjoyed mutually beneficial outcomes, working together to deliver comprehensive client solutions.

We regularly hold co-branded seminars with legal firms to educate our clients and staff about specific business issues that span both the financial and legal perspectives. 

Other Specialisations