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ATO goes digital

ATO goes digital - myGov changing the way the ATO deliver your mail

The ATO has recently changed the way they are corresponding with tax agents and their clients, using myGov.

Your myGov Account lets you centralise and link a range of Australian Government services including Medicare, Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink, and Child Support.

How does this affect your tax?

If you’ve set up a myGov account and have linked your tax file number to that account, you will no longer receive paper copies of your ATO mail either through your tax agent or via your own nominated postal address. All ATO correspondence will now be delivered directly to your myGov Inbox.

The types of ATO mail that you might receive in your myGov Inbox include:

-       Notices, such as Notices of Assessment

-       Statements of Account for your Income Tax and Integrated Client Accounts

-       Confirmation and reminder notices regarding outstanding debts or lodgements, payment plans etc.

-       Activity Statements or Instalment Notices

How does your myGov Inbox work?

You will receive an alert either via your nominated email address or an SMS alert notifying you that you have new unread items in your myGov Inbox. Unfortunately for privacy reasons, you cannot directly forward mail from your myGov Inbox to another email account.

Your tax agent will also be able to access electronic copies of all ATO correspondence that relates to you and your account but will not be receiving direct electronic copies, and will not have access to your myGov Inbox.

If you want more details on how the ATO is using your myGov account to communicate with you, visit their website:

To find out more about myGov, and setting up an account visit: